Unconventional transports industry, as well as personal sea transport, is developing gradually in the whole world. In Baltic Sea countries, for example, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Germany, sea motorboats and yachts industry has reached also Latvia and it has great prognosis in development opportunities in close future - already now there is a great growth of berths, small harbors, boats and yacht clubs, besides from year to year the number of boats and yachts is increasing, especially the new ones.

The acquirement, service and usage of sea yachts and motorboats are fairly expensive type of sports and resting, therefore mainly employers and active businessmen go in for this type of sports and resting in Latvia. Nowadays in the era of high technologies, the information about personal types of water sport  has been searched on the internet - in yachting and boating portals, in yachts and boats trade brokers home pages; the commerce of GPS and other navigation accesories has been done using the internet; as well as the information is necessary before buying yacht and boat, before going into the sea, when planning the trip and to cut waves while having sports or relaxing cruise. But there is no internet portal about yachts and boats in Latvia. Considering the previously mentioned obstacles, it is concluded, that corresponding target audience must have possibility to get the necessary information in the easiest and quickest way - on the internet. Therefore new internet portal - has been developed. The motto of the protal is Take - aware Boating Course!

Already now there are positive references about the portal development from well known sea boater in Latvia - Mari Gailis, as well as it has great support from holding company Hansabanka representatives.

The main targets and tasks of the new internet portal output are:

  • To make the full-bodied information about shipping and water transport possibilities in Latvia and Baltic Sea accessible;
  • To provide the water tourism guide on the internet to local inhabitants as well as to tourists from abroad;
  • To popularize yachts and boating transport as a type of sports and entertainment;
  • To further the development of Latvia's yachts and boats harbor and berths, and the information accessibility about them-(identification);
  • To provide yachts, boats, its equipment, accessories and technical inventors commercial promotion, as well as the exchange of objective information and opinion about these products;
  • To further the accessibility and popularity about the services connected to yachts and boats.

Portal has been developed for the owners of yachts and boats in Latvia, who want to get optional information and technical data about yachts and boats, as well as to find out the actualities of the sphere, events and planned activities. It is planned to have resting, entertainment and opinion exchange possibilities in the portal. One of the basic objects of portal is to create portals social environment - for communication of yachts and boats interests spheres participants, for the exchange of information and opinion, as well as to further different type of cooperation between the participants, of this sphere, therefore portal is oriented to tourists and yacht sailors (boat owners) from abroad, who are planning to visit Latvia with the water transport.

Portal creates new opportunities in the commerce of sea transport and its equipment in electronic environment, it is a direct area of business activities for the commerce brokers of yachts and boats, for the commerce companies of boat equipment and accessories, as well as for the owners of ports and bearths  and providers of improvement services, relaxation and tourism service providers etc., and for the participants who constitute the complex of yacht and boat industry.

Therefore, one of the basic factors that will characterize the home page will be continuous expansion and renewal of information.

The mission of the administration of is to maintain the portal's environment “clean” and creative, which means:

1.    to follow the correctness of the information and its adequacy to the real market situation,
2.    unity in style of the inserted information and its visual  design,
3.    maintenance of balanced correlation between areas of information and advertisements (commerce),
4.    to insert equitable criticism, which provides detached information for the consumers,
5.  to create and organize forums of information exchange, opportunities of interactive disclosures of opinions, rating systems, evaluation competitions and other activities.

High quality development of electronic design as well as convenient navigation opportunities will be guaranteed in the portal. In topical information concerning different issues of yachts and boats will be inserted, which will be summarized, using foreign internet data bases, yacht and boat magazines, the results of Latvian and foreign monitoring, scientific bibliography, technical information, as well as regularly organized profound interviews with processionals in the field of yachts and boats. In the thematic forums of the home page the users of the portal will be given the opportunity to ask questions of their interest, which will be answered by the professionals (captains of yachts and boats, leaders of competitions and championships, leaders of yacht and boat commerce companies, representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, which are occupied in the sphere of yachts and boats, as well as publicly well known people).

The main tendencies in the field of yachts and boats in Latvia:

  • currently in Latvia there are 8000 motorized water vehicles, more then 600 of them are boats and 814 sailing yachts. 
  • in 3 years time in Latvia at least 10 new complexes of yacht and boat ports will develop, every year at least 50 new boats and 30 - 40 new yachts will enter the market, therefore growth of this market segment expected, among them there are developing ports, private houses and recreation centres alongside water bodies, which is potential target audience of water tansport and their equipment.
  • more and more target clients are entering the market.

The target segment of the portal (target audience):

  • Owners of yachts and boats,
  • People who are planning to obtain a yacht or a boat,
  • Participants of yacht (boat) teams,
  • Tourists (especially yacht, boat and other water tourists) and vacationers,
  • People, whose friends, family members or acquaintances who own a yacht or a boat and people who find this hobby/sport captivating.

Using the advertisement opportunities in the new yacht and boat portal, you will gain:

  • the opportunity to reach the target audience of the products and services you offer;
  • business environment for the realization of your products and services on the internet;
  • the opportunity to participate in creation of the information about the information topicalities in field of yachts and boats in Latvia;
  • the opportunity to increase the visiting of your internet home page from your direct target audience;
  • the opportunity to create an advertisement in the electronic environment, which is used every day by the clients of the field of yachts and boats;
  • the opportunity to participate in forming interactive activities in the only Latvian yacht and boat internet portal;
  • exchange of information and communication with other Latvian and Baltic companies of yacht and boat commerce, service, accessories and equipment;
  • increasment of your company prestige, as well as promotion of identification of your company.

The creators of the portal are inviting you to participate in the development of the portal   initiative and sharing opinions about, how do you see the new home page and what kind of information it would be necessary to insert in
Hoping to successful cooperation and looking forward to seeing you in presence,

Faithfully yours,

Endija Kupce
(the editor of the portal)

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