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The best yachts and cutters in Latvia

Sailor Kristaps Dzenis admits that it is not easy to name the best yachts and cutters. One may determine the most expensive or the biggest, but, similarly like with cars- it is more or less matter of taste.

The biggest cutter according to the Seaclub is Princess 67, it weights approximately. 37 tons and is more than 20 meters long. The owner of this ship is the chairman of the board of the "Baltijas apdrosinasanas nams" Eriks Teilans;at present moment the yacht is stored in yacht wharf abroad.


Picture: Princess 67

The most expensive cutter in Latvia is the elegant Dolphin 51;it decorates the Andrejosta's landing stage. The exclusive ship is of the brand "Mochi Craft"it associates with the elegant England's Squadron. With it's splendid style that never grows old, it reminds of the retro charm of the fifties. The harmonic design makes us think of a dolphin because of it's natural shape. The soft shape and the decoration of mahogany and walnut makes the ship pleasant and cosy;it invites to touch it. Dolphin 51 has the most recent system of navigation, two high speed engines and a modern interior. Dolphin 51 is 16 meters long. The speed of the ship is 30 knots. (1 knot is 0,514 m/s), it is approximately 60 km/h. The price of the ship is 940.000 Euro.


Picture: Dolphin 51 

In the opinion of Kristaps Dzenis the best yacht in Latvia is Dehler 44, it's price is approximately. 500.000 Euro. This exclusive yacht is made of carbolic fiber, (usually yachts are made of glass fiber) that is more resistant and lighter. The carbolic fiber is used in the tuning of exclusive sport cars. These yachts are mainly manufactured for regattas and the sail costs 90.000 Euro. The yacht is 13,7 meters long. It has the most recent audio system of Bang&Olufsen and most modern navigation.


Picture: Dehler 44


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