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The company “Regate” is the trade representative of the widely known „brand-manufacturers” in the world of the sailing yachts and sailing equipment in Latvia. “Regate” Ltd. is engaged in sailing yacht sale and offers sailing equipment as well: sails, blocks, different kinds of ropes, navigation equipment and tools, binoculars, safety and rescue equipment, electronic equipment for sailing yachts and boats, clothing for pastime activities on the water for any weather conditions, as well as equipment for sailing races.


According to the information provided to the portal by the director of the company “Regate” Albert Rozin, the company is mainly engaged in sailing yacht and equipment sale. Main cooperation partners of the company “Regate” are the well-known brands like Harken and Beneteau, which are operating in the Baltic market, as well as in the market of Belarus and Latvia.

The product stock offered by the company “Regate” has practically everything that the heart of a sailor can crave for - ropes, masts, sails, gas stoves etc. The frameworks for boats are produced at the naval shipyard, whereas all the rest you will find at the company “Regate”. You can find motor boats Tornado with military engines, and this company’s representative offices are located in Latvia and Lithuania.

The product prices are average;on the world level they are considered very democratic. In this class attention is directed towards boats for sailing races, where speed is the determining factor, thereby this product is not being the exclusive, but is available even to the average customer. There is even an agreement between the dealers about the fact that the prices in Latvia shall not exceed the European prices, and very often they would be even lower.

Examples for comparing the prices: reference price for the children’s boat “Optimist” is about 1500,- EUR;reference price for 11-meter long yacht is 100 000,- EUR, whereas the price range for the boat with the additional equipment (large screen TV, special navigation systems) may fluctuate between 220 000,- EUR to the million.

There is an incontestable trend towards increasing availability of the product. Yet only two years ago warehouse of 80 m2 would be sufficient for storing the products, whereas today a warehouse of 200 m2 is needed. This becomes even more available due to the leasing opportunities.


In the last few years there is witnessed a 300% - 500% increase in demand, especially it can be felt in one’s own business when the general trend is only growing. As a result of a steep increase the need for the water police has appeared, as the traffic on the river Lielupe today is busier than „on Brivibas Street”.

The following trends are witnessed when choosing a product: yet some time ago the prices for the equipment were higher, and the quality did not correspond to the price;whereas now the trends are very favourable towards the customer, as they are directed towards quality improvement, and the prices are leveling down with the European prices, or are even sliding. When yacht sailing had just started to get developed in Latvia, people were giving preference to cheaper products, whereas now there is witnessed a trend towards purchasing especially expensive and qualitative products.

There is a trend towards product bulk selection’s growth, as for example within the last ten years the biggest demand has been witnessed for motor boats, whereas today there is a considerable increase in demand for sailing yachts. There is no such a product that would not be purchased. The people are getting more competent and skilled in their sphere, as they are going abroad, exchanging experience and generally possess the information about what they need. Definitely, a sailing yacht is not an article of prime necessity;however, it is being a very appealing extra.


The bulk of the customers are made up by the representative companies who are also being the business partners, as well as private persons. Private customers are normally presented by businessmen, company owners or chief executive officers. Older yacht models are available to wider social circles. Sailing as a kind of sports is gaining more popularity, and definitely it is not being the most expensive kind of sports. For example, to start practicing the professional tennis one will have to pay much bigger amount of money.

A considerable amount of people prefer sailing yachts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not have the necessary skills to drive water vehicles. Modern trends sharply define the borders of financial expenses. A progressive work is carried out on training the future yachtsmen: in Priedaine a sports school has been opened with the successful results which is oriented at training the future yachtsmen. Therefore, it is a wrong belief when people say that this pleasure is available only to very well-off people. The same sports school in Priedaine has all the necessary equipment for practicing sailing sports. Lately there is witnessed a student shortage.

Regarding the purchase frequency – their amount could be the following: during this year that has not finished yet six big yachts and five children’s boats and sporting yachts have been ordered.

If the customer has made a purchase, then there is an almost undisputable certainty that he will return to purchase equipment. From time to time every yachtsman will have a need to change his equipment for the newer one – starting with the clothing, ropes to the newest and best sails. In the most of cases customers prefer specialized stores where it is much handier to find the needed item.

The company is also rendering professional service on technical maintenance after warranty expiration. Reportedly to Albert Rogozin, the company „Regate” is the only representative engaged in distribution of paints for water vehicles all over the Baltics directly from the manufacturer.

Attraction of the news customers in 90% of cases is possible only by experiencing that feeling - how it is – “to be in the sea” and on the boat, and if only to imagine that you are the owner of this sailing yacht.... Generally, the yachtsmen are a specific and conservative breed of people who are not accepting special information channels. The information is considered more or less reliable that has been acquired through the members of the yacht club, as well as there is the possibility to inform the potential customers about offers by means of professional magazines which have comparatively high rating.


The company “Regate” has its own advertisement and marketing budget. There is a special amount too, which is allocated by the manufacturer for advertising its products. Mainly those marketing tools are used that are “addressing” the potential target audience, for example racing sponsorship, photos and press releases, as well as information in Internet and search programmes. As for press releases, the most famous and reliable source of information is the magazine “Optimist”, initially published for children. It is obvious that phone books should not be used for putting information there, with the hope that people would be using them for looking for the ideal recreation place.

Racing sponsorships is being an important marketing tool. This takes place at least three times during the season. Also “Regate” Ltd. is engaged in arranging different races that are used as advertising activities.

The customer awareness about the sailing sports in general and about the principle of operation of separate functions is only getting more acute with purchasing private transport. People just have to learn more new details about their water vehicles in everyday life and in emergency cases. It is much harder to ask for somebody’s help to solve technical problems under emergency conditions being surrounded by water compared to emergency cases on the land, as there can also be phone communication problems. Hence the necessity appears for the sailing yacht owner to be as much informed about technical maintenance and its options as possible.

The objective information can be located in Internet, as well as on the webpages of the companies-manufacturers. The materials that are prepared by the journalists who are not being the sports experts, contain a lot of mistakes, which in their turn, are undermining the authority of yachtsmen in the eyes of the readers, as yachtsmen are taking all the published information seriously, and no doubt, notice every subtle inaccuracy or flaw. Sailing yacht journalism is only about to start getting developed, and of course, new professionals are needed in this sphere.

Test drives are arranged for the customers as another marketing tool, which is practiced with personal sailing yachts, as well as with the boats offered by the owners.


Cooperation with the manufacturers of sailing yachts and speedboats is under way, who are rendering assistance repairing serious malfunctions and global damages;as for piddle jobs, the company’s own equipment is sufficient for them. It is not lucrative to provide the service with one’s own forces – it is much easier to do this in collaboration, for example with the Estonian colleagues. Technical maintenance for all kind of sailing yachts is provided. We have our own engineers who are making the „tuning”, particularly specializing on boats for sailing races. There are 3 workshop employees working in the company „Regate” who are the sailing world champions. Children’s boats “Optimist” are very popular.


Additional service implies collaboration with the colleagues from Croatia, Turkey etc., and there is a possibility for the interested persons to organize chartered flights. Collaboration with the local colleagues is getting developed, for example, members of the yacht club „Andrejosta” often visit „Regate” with the purpose of purchasing equipment.

All the information about the products and services offered by the company “Regate” you will find in Internet visiting the webpage


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