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Marketing, Maintenance Service and Future Trends


Marketing plays one of the key roles in the sphere of sailing yacht and speedboat sale, just like under sale conditions of any other product in the contemporary business. It is always easier to sell (use) boats of well-known brands, as it is the brand itself that is characterizing the product;however, for the majority of the Latvian consumers (at least for new potential customers) these brands are unknown, thereby the dealers should pay special attention to marketing activities aimed at informing the customers. The dealers claim, that television as a marketing tool should be totally excluded. According to the information provided to the portal by the sales manager of the company “Selane” Yanis Boks, 4 years ago the company he represents has had a chance to advertise on TV, however, the efficiency factor was inadequately low. It would be more efficient to locate the information in Internet, handbooks or search programmes. Autosport sponsorship campaigns are being popular marketing tools. However, generally specific marketing and PR campaigns are not organized in Latvia.

The dealers of the Latvian sailing yachts and speedboats report that test-drives are arranged – which resemble marketing activities. Certainly, they are not arranged in case if it is a brand new sailing boat, as well as it is necessary to create an impression that exactly this customer can become a potential purchaser.

One of the key events of the year is the yearly exhibition “Riga Boatshow”, which is held in April and it attracts the biggest amount of sailing yacht and speedboat dealers. It happens quite often that the future purchasers are discovering the dealers themselves owing to the fact that occasionally they would spot a boat for sale in the pier, as it would be located in the foreground. Thus, it is possible to conclude that the product’s availability in the public piers contributes to the product realization, - most likely its location in the centre of the city or in the places with frequent attendance on the part of the potential customers.

Experience of the biggest European dealers testifies to the fact that it is wiser to aim at the target audience which is made up by the minority of consumers. The dealer representatives admit that television as a marketing tool should be excluded. The product is not presented among consumer goods. Special-purpose magazines are more suitable for this purpose, - one of them is “Boating Magazine”, which offers information classification regarding all types of water transport – both for the sellers and for the yacht owners this is the acceptable type of information exchange.

Maintenance Service

Collaboration between the trade dealers and companies providing maintenance service for sailing yachts and speedboats takes place occasionally;however, for full-fledged industry’s development the cooperation activities have to be undertaken more often;thereby the dealer companies in Latvia are service targeted. The dealers would normally have their owned trained and certified workshop employees, as well as premises to carry out maintenance works. As for maintenance service in general – the price is adequate to the quality.

Additional Service and Equipment

Selection range of boat equipment is diverse, and all depends on your preferences and needs – starting with the safety articles like life jackets and life buoys to the modern navigation equipment, including walkie talkie, sets, radars etc.

For example, there is a possibility to park the boat at the pier of the company “Selane”, which is widely used not only by the company’s customers, but other people as well. According to the information provided to the portal by the sales manager of the company “Selane” Yanis Boks, every autumn, engine preservation is performed for the winter period so that the engine would not get frozen.

Cruise arrangements, drives, transfer, as well as tours arrangement is not widely spread among the Latvian dealers. Therefore, the biggest sailing yacht and speedboat dealers have had only several collaboration projects together with other representatives of the seafaring industry, companies and local governments. This is the drawback that needs to be worked on, as well as it is necessary to supplement the range of service through collaboration.

Future Trends:

Sailing yacht and speedboat industry in Latvia is surely witnessing a dynamic development, and in the next 5-10 years it is only expected to grow. This trend shall be retained until the Latvian economic level reaches that of Europe. Development of piers and harbours is an essential factor that contributes to the interest growth towards this sphere and the industry’s general development, as well as to the increase of the “water tourists”. There is witnessed a rapid development in the small Latvian ports as well, like Salacgriva, Skulta, Mersrags etc.;however, grand support on the part of local governments is not witnessed, at the same time the opportunity to attract the EU finances opens big development perspectives for the small ports. There is witnessed a significant increase in the sphere of small motor boat sale owing to the fact that the middle class in Latvia keeps growing. It has to be noted that the increase in big customers is quite hard to forecast. The Latvian market is comparatively big and in terms of its amount a well-off class is small. However, notwithstanding the fact that in Estonia there are not many well-off people, the sailing yacht and speedboat industry is on a higher level, compared to Latvia, as well as sale amounts in Estonia are bigger compared to Latvia;thereby it can be ascertained that in the future Latvia will have many development perspectives. This business is based on people’s trait of self-assertiveness, as well as on making choice in favour of a more pleasurable elite pastime. Definitely, a sailing yacht is not an article of prime necessity;however, it is being a very appealing extra;).


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