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Steer your cruise cleverly

Man`s life is becoming more busy. We must face new challenges, possibilities and solutions every day. Solutions are available in the information set but information is expensive- even a phone call to a merchant or a trip to person to get information must be paid for. The free source of information nowadays is the Internet.

Voyage on a yacht or a cutter is an indescribable experience- fantastic emotions given by the things that can not be purchased- sun, sea, touch of warm wind, splashes of the waves and the landscape of the shore... But to reach this moment of treat information is needed- information about cruises, the rental or purchase of yachts and cutters, appropriate clothes and equipment, yachting instruction, best adventures on the sea, how to tie a bowline etc.

A person that has a desire to enjoy the splendid equipment of a yacht or cutter, has or should have access to the Internet. team has worked since 2006-2007 to create the Internet environment so that one could obtain all the needed information about sailing free of charge. Steer your cruise cleverly

  • Information about purchase, equipment, storage of yachts and cutters.
  • All the topicality and interesting in this sphere in Latvia
  • Maps with electronic navigation of the ports and yacht clubs in Latvia
  • In corporation with the greatest boat searching engine in the world with more than one million offers
  • Information in the range from purchase of land at the seaside to the procedure of getting a sailors licence
  • Pictures, descriptions, virtual weather prognoses, adventures, competitions, exchange of opinions- everything to feel the attraction of the sea in the computer...

In June 2006 when the portal was activated, it had approximately 16 visitors per day. In June 2007 is visited by more than 1500 unique visitors per day and more than 15`000 repeated visits are done per day. During the first year the portal has published more then 60 articles, created more than 25 picture galleries, gathered information about yachts, cutters, sport and recreation, merchants and rendering of services in Latvia, collaborated with largest yacht portal in the world, published press release in the largest mass media of yachts and cutters in Europe, taken part in greatest regattas and yacht events in Latvia as informative sponsor, published informative reports in journals: RigaNow, A-Zet, Optimist, NEXT and others, disposed the informative maps of in Riga Airport, hotels of Riga, yacht clubs and ports in Latvia and other European countries as well as developed artistic design solutions that will soon be seen in the new interactive section of on-line games.

The future development target of the portal is to create an Internet environment that would be rich in modern technologies, clean an honest, where people that are interested in the theme could get and share information. Create and develop Internet environment for the realization of marketing strategies and e-commerce development in Latvia. Let the sea sport and recreation to develop by analyzing reaction of the public. The target of the portal is to create novelties and novelistic projects by themselves as well as to stimulate businessmen for novelties- it would make their clients more satisfied and sea adventure more attractive.

The task of the portal is to let people to get known to the sea as well as sea recreation in the way and language that is appropriate to them, that is the reason why in future the will be available in some other languages, as well as differentiated range of information will be available. To stimulate our clients for everyday visits, on-line games, interactive polls and contests with prizes will be available.

People of nowadays need a brand new way of thinking. Obtaining information is no longer one way street, it is a two-way main road. Thus the task of the portals developers is to raise their creative activities in the upper level since "the new may be boring but not the creative". An important factor and slogan of the portal's ability to compete is personal approach- automatic adjusting to the clients wishes, it should stimulate the registrations of the visitors. According to what the client searches and what articles reads, the client's history is created. It makes personal approach possible. Client's wishes taken into consideration, the appropriate news and solutions are recommended.

Steer your cruise cleverly! Begin your adventures in the splashes of the waves with the!


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