A cruise is a trip, a ship voyage or other water vehicle experience.  Transport wise, cruise is one of the most fascinating and interesting ways of traveling, which enables to see and experience totally different feelings – more intense and profound compared to those we may experience whilst using other transportation options.
There are the following cruises available in Latvia:

  • Cruise trips along the shores of the river Daugava, the river Lielupe and the Riga Canal;

Name of the Boat


Hire Charges


The river Daugava in front of Dome Cathedral (between Akmens and Daugava Railroad Bridges), Riga
: along the river Daugava, the lake Kisezers, the river Lielupe

Hire charge: 3,00 Ls (hour rate for 1 person)

Trip to the sea
5.00 Ls (1 person)

Boat hire is available

“Pa Lielupi"

Route: along the shores of the river Lielupe

Hire charge: 30,00 Ls / hour (all the boat)

"Hercogs Jēkabs"

Ventspils Route: along Ventspils mouth, offering to see the town of Ventspils, port industry, and the gates of the sea.

Hire charge: 30,00 Ls/hour.
Boat hire is available


Harbour – Doles Island at the Museum of Daugava
: along the dry river Daugava

Hire charge: 20,00 Ls/hour


Harbour – 11 November Embankment - 150 m from Akmens Bridge. Route: along the river Daugava, the lake Kisezers, the river Lielupe, the river Bullupe

Hire charge: 4,00 Ls
(1 person)

Boat hire is available, banquet, conference and other events organization.


Harbour – at Akmens Bridge
: along the river Daugava

Hire charge: 3,00 Ls (1 person)
Boat hire is available


It should be mentioned that the maritime and cruise offer available in Riga as the central city of the Baltic countries is quite limited. For example, in Tallinn, Palanga and Saint Petersburg there are street cafes and restaurants on ships and liners, whereas there are no practically any of these in Riga, thus, boat supply should be more qualitative, besides it should be tourism product targeted. Boat transport industry of the seaside towns and city cruise tourism products can be tested whilst taking a boat or a barge along canals of Saint Petersburg. It is a fabulous opportunity to see the city from another perspective, as Saint Petersburg is referred to as the Northern Venice, since just like in Venice historic buildings are located along the canals. Boat trips give a wonderful opportunity to see and appreciate various bridges and architectural elements that you would never notice should you use another transport or go by foot. Trip charges range between 6-10 Ls, the charge includes guide services who not only introduce passengers to historical events related to the buildings that the boat is passing along, but also tells about curious events that have happened to the people who lived in these houses, castles and manor houses, as well as narrate different legends and other entertaining stories. It is true that there is only one canal in Riga and Daugava, however, similar tourism offer opportunities are available also here.

  • Some special offers like seaside boat trips in Pavilosta or fishing boat trips into the sea to Salacgriva, Engure and other harbours;
  • Yacht (speedboat) cruises -

These trips are offered practically in every yacht club and (yacht harbour), as well as in many seashore camping areas and hotels in the resort town of Yurmala. However, it should be mentioned that the overall offer of yacht cruises in Latvia and Riga is quite limited. There are no practically any marketing activities – supply is clarified through connections, by giving a friend’s - yacht captain’s phone number. The present supply is quite hard to name a “Cruise”. Offered boat trips cannot compete with tourism products, and in the most cases they are being the way of additional income of boat captains or boat proprietors. It is quite logic that the intense yacht season in Latvia spans short 3 months, and the yacht purchase and maintenance costs are really high – new and modern yacht proprietors are well-off people who are not interested in earning 100-150Ls for cruise organization, as well as they have no interest whatsoever to lend their vessel to “wear it out”, as yacht maintenance is much more expensive. Thereby, the yachts that are offered for yacht cruises are mostly old and “experienced” models; mainly they are small capacity yachts that are not equipped for cruise organization, however, there are a few ones that are suitable for “bringing a man into the Sea”. These “drives” are basically provided by yacht captains and proprietors with limited income to gain some money for yacht maintenance or for buying some yacht accessories.

  • Cruise ships and cruise liners cruising abroad (vacation packages);

All the biggest Latvian travel agencies offer these cruises. They offer sea cruises, river cruises, economy and D’Luxe class AIDA cruises, sailing cruises, fiord cruises, marine expeditions, Russian lake and river cruises etc. Charges for these cruises for 1 person are ranging between 500 – 2000Ls. For example, cruises in Brazil, Chile, Argentina cost about 2000Ls, whereas cruises in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt amount to about 600Ls, and the Eastern cruise in Dubai, Oman, Bahrain costs about 650Ls and Virgin Island cruise amounts to about 526*Ls and more.
The modern cruise industry has contributed to appearance of fantastic liners, real five and six star floating resorts that offer a wide range of services that none of the hotels can boast of. Deck entertainment: fireworks, musicals, theatrical performances, film premiers, fashion shows, various competitions, interest clubs, disco parties, casino, art gallery and auction, library, Internet cafe etc.

  • Cruises with local liners;

Entertainment events are available on a cruise in the Baltic Sea, e.g. the company is offering tourism product – the Baltic cruise that has appealing offers like “Others Work, Whilst You ARE HAVING YOUR TIME in the Fall Season”, and the charges for one person are about 50Ls; “The Beauty Days on M/S Regina Baltica”, New Year’s celebrations on a ferry and other tour packages for the itinerary Riga – Stockholm – Riga.


  • Yacht cruises:

(''Lielvārdes osta'' 371 50 53041,''Usmas kempings''371 6334500 jahta''Mango'', 371 7 752411 Jahta ''Bolero'' 371 9 846999 Jahta ''Iriss'' 371 36 73630 Jahta ''Sirocco'' 371 9994444)

  • Cruise trips along the shores of the river Daugava, the river Lielupe & other:

("Jelgava'' +371 2 9554405, "Vecrīga" +371 2 9206988, +371 2 6719268, "Hercogs Jēkabs" +371 36 22586, +3719484626 Ventspils, "pa Lielupi" 371 30 20410, +371 2 9614600, "DOLE" +371 7216367, 2 9 479 332, "Jūrmala" + 371 2 578329 Vizināšana ar kuģiti jūrā +371 9886863, +371 9121894 Pāvilosta, Izbraucieni jūrā ar zvejnieku kuģīti 371 40 41254)

  • Cruise ships and cruise liners cruising abroad (vacation packages)

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