During the recent years in Latvia there has been growth in the number of yacht and boat hobby (sport) lovers and accordingly along this also the number of water transport dealers increases. Buying yacht or boat the potential client at the moment has a great choice. But what about choice in the sphere of warm winter storage of the boat? And what about possibility to get stationary and high quality maintenance? And temporal lifting of the boat from the water and back into the water without order of the crane in advance? In how many places it is possible to get ashore with the yacht or boat to the service center to wash the boat in one hour and to use cosy rest area and drink coffee with good service provided?

These are sore points for many owners of the yachts and boats and honestly saying there are no such kind of places in Latvia, where your boat could have temporal technical maintenance or wash and where you could get comfortable service and store your boat for a warm winter keeping.

Company „Laivu depo” Ltd. has worked out and continues to develop the first complex of such an offer, which includes service, maintenance, indoor and outdoor storage and comfortable recreation for boat owners.

Company „Laivu depo” Ltd. is one of the Latvia’s most modern Yacht and boat centers and it is equipped with all the necessary facilities and repair and maintenance technologies, and it also has premises for storage of the water transport . Laivu depo is located in Riga district, the parish of Sala, „Upesplavas”, the coast of Lielupe and it can offer convenient yacht and boat docks in local and confined private port.

Laivu depo is proud to present wide offer complex, which provides to it competiveness.

Services of the company include:

Storage services:

  • Storage in heated , perflated premises (price Ls 40 - 320 per month)
  • Storage in the territory of Laivu depo port (price Ls 20 - 100 per month) - compound with twenty-four hour guarding.
  • In the summer season company can provide at least 20 docks equipped with new pontoons, autonomous connection of electricity and water.

Full service network:

  • Repair and guarantee maintenance
  • Repair of stainless steel, aluminium, fiberglass ads wood boats
  • Repair of engines and screws
  • Restoration of old boats - rebuilding of fishing boats to recreation boats.
  • Yacht and boat accessories, GPS systems

Yacht and boat merchandise:

  • „Laivu depo” Ltd represents and retails new yachts and boats of 3 brands: Bavaria, Chris Craft and BOESCH.

     As to the internet portal says owner of the company Uldis Čakānis, then the biggest demand is on Bavaria boats, because boat pf this producer is available for comparatively lower price and it offers adequate level of comfort and quality. American brand Chris Craft and Swiss BOESCH are exclusive boats for higher prices, but these exclusive models are handicraft with various luxury elements, e.g., with mahogany outer corpus etc.

    If client in Laivu depo buys new yacht, then as the first installment it is possible to give the old boat. The company also takes in used boats for realization an can produce for the client yacht on special order.

Comfortable recreation complex which includes:

  • Convenient premises for seminary (300m2) with view to Lielupe
  • Sauna and recreation complex with the are of 160m2

Help on the water - it is possible to repair your ship on the water or to take your ship to the port and to provide the necessary repair in the service centre.

In one hour to wash the corpus of your yacht or boat.

Lifting of the boat from or yacht the water and back into the water (prices from 40 – 140 Ls)

During the summer season it is possible to rent Bavaria boats for Ls 100per hour (including fuel and captain). Also it is possible to go on 3 hour cruise with rebuilt wooden fishing boat for Ls 120 - to group of 15 people.

During the winter season Laivu depo offers the rent on of snow bikes for Ls 30 per hour or Ls 100 for a whole day (Weekends - Ls 120)

Uldis Čakānis to internet portal seaclub says that the market of yachts and boats in Latvia every year gets bigger. The greatest part of the market is used yachts, but as it also is in car market, the tendency of buying new yachts grows. Basically people choose to buy yacht of smaller size and then step by step change over to bigger boats. As owner of Laivu depo says the biggest misfortune is to those clients who with the small income want to buy old and big boat... - Expensive and frequent repairs, expensive maintenance and hardly accessible details. One of the aspects that facilitates demand on new boats are credits. At the moment banks have not worked out special credit offers for buying yachts and boats, but it is possible to get credit. Banks are interested in the stance of dealers - for what sum of money they will be ready to buy the boat back, but the credit is mostly given after evaluation of the financial situation of the client not the boat.  Also essential tendency in the market of yachts and boats are service of operative leasing.

Uldis Čakānis admits that the most essential marketing instrument in this market is annual „Boatshow”. Also Laivu depo uses such kind of advertising activities as organizing of the fashion week, ads in prestige magazines, spreading of booklets and advertising materials.

Future tendencies:

To Laivu depo owner’s mind boats and yachts can not be sold with catalogue or in the salon. It is essential to have demo (test) boats so the client could sail to sea and to feel these special feelings and emotions of this fantastic hobby - emotions of yacht and boat recreation and only afterwards to make the choice. Also essential conditions for development of this business are development of ports and docks and provision of guarantee service and also provision of storage. “Laivu depo” Ltd is planning to build its second hangar of warm storage and to build another port. Essential development project for the coming year is connected with improvement of the recreation complex - establishment of the picnic places near the docks and provision of lodging. As Uldis admits for clients and guests it is important that the area of recreation and the port are separated areas, but at the same time nearby each other. The Future vision of the company - complex center of yacht and boat merchandise and service combined with great opportunities of recreation. People are buying recreation boats to have a rest and the seller has to create the scope to service the boat during this rest time.

Also you think about your boat’s wellbeing during the winter season

 „Laivu Depo” Ltd
 „Upesplava” Salas pag., Rigas raj., LV-2105
Ph: 7934796
Cell: 26444012

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